Überall Location Service was founded in January 1991 by
Katharina Freiberg and Rudolf Rieß. The company's goal from the start, was to deliver perfect Locations to the Film and Photography industries. At that time Katharina Freiberg was already working as a commercials producer with an international background.

Rudolf Rieß has worked since 1984 as a freelance Cameraman and shoots mainly Image, Industrial and Advertising movies.
With this combination of " eye " meets " organisation ", the couple offered a unique experience to production companies, considering their vast experience in production requirements.

Since 1994 Rudolf Rieß has run Überall Location Service alone. The client-base stems mainly from the Advertising Industry, but Überall Location Service has also serviced feature film projects, and it's services have also been called on to help find locations for local companies wanting to shoot in other countries.

Katharina Freiberg is available as a freelance producer.